The Concept


How It Came To Be.

Sparked while on a business trip to Washington, DC our Executive Director, Vernon Williams III and his wife Sandra pondered on what it would be like to bring a group of youth on an all expenses paid trip to Washington, DC for one week with the goal of exposing our youth to what's possible for them in the world!  That following summer (2017) was the birth of Full Exposure!

Every summer, our Board of Directors raise the funds required to send a group of our Emerging Leaders high school students on the annual Full Exposure trip. When a participant of Emerging Leaders successfully completes the 80% program participatory threshold; they qualify to participate in the annual Full Exposure trip.

Our objective through Full Exposure is to take our youth out of their urban environments, and expose them to opportunities, political leaders, national leaders, educators and experiences that they may not otherwise ever experience.  Our premise derives from the notion that youth who have been exposed to the world and it's offerings have a higher potential of becoming a successful adult than one who has not.   

To date, we has taken groups of youth to Washington DC; Philadelphia, PA; Baltimore, MD; New York, NY; Santa Fe, NM; Sacramento, CA and Los Angeles, CA.

The Trips

Washington, DC

  • World Affairs/International Government - Youth met with Ambassadors of Tanzania and Korea in respective embassies

  • Academics: University Tours - Georgetown and Howard Universities.

  • National Government - Toured Canon Building, Library of Congress, and Capitol Hill.

  • Cross-community engagement - Partnered with CheckIt Enterprises in cross community forum around gang and gun violence from coast to coast. 

Santa Fe, NM

Full Exposure - A Day At The Opera

  • The Santa Fe Opera Backstage Tour.

  • The Santa Fe Opera Ranch Tour.

  • The Santa Fe Opera Dinner.


  • The (R)evolution of Steve Jobs Opera.

  • Palace of the Governors.

  • Museum of International Folk Art.

  • Georgia O’Keefe Museum. 

Sacramento, CA

A Day at The Capitol – Discussing Youth Issues w/ State Representatives.

  • California State Capitol Tour.

  • Private meeting with District 14 Assemblyman Tim Grayson.

  • Private meeting with 3rd Senate District Senator Bill Dodd.


California State University Sacramento

  • Meeting with Candidate for State Superintendent of Public Instruction - Tony Thurmond.

  • Guided Campus Tour

  • Sac State Campus Dining

  • The Hornet Bookstore