Our Pilot

John Finney High School - Emerging Leaders

After volunteering informal mentoring services to the students of John Finney High School and Vallejo Education Academy (now known as Ferrogut Academy - VCUSD's expulsion school) in 2017, M3 became an approved Master Vendor with the Vallejo City Unified School District to provide formal and informal mentoring, academic enrichment, and leadership to the students at John Finney High School. 

In January 2018 our Emerging Leaders pilot began with twenty six (26) students whose indicators were: 

1.  Credit deficient.  

2.  Low attendance percentage.  

3.  Low Grade Point Average.

In a four (4) month period, the students output dramatically increased in every statistical category.  Below are the data outputs of the pilot:

Grade Point Average:

2nd Quarter GPA: 1.39

4th Quarter GPA: 2.0

Outcome: 0.61 Grade Point Increase 


Credits Attempted vs. Credits Earned

2nd Quarter: 

Credits Attempted: 25.88 vs. Credits Earned: 17.51 = 68%

4th Quarter:

Credits Attempted: 56.72 vs. Credits Earned: 48.76 = 86%

Outcome: 18% Credits Attempted vs. Credits Earned Increase 

Attendance Percentage:

2nd Quarter Attendance Percentage: 75.37%

4th Quarter Attendance Percentage: 84.51%

Outcome: 9.14% Increase 

In addition to the increases in attendance, credits and grade point averages; the program participants were exposed to:

  • University campus tours  - California State University at Maritime; University of California at Davis: (14 students)
  • Gainful employment: (10 students) 
  • Community College enrollment: (8 students) 
  • Workforce profiles: (8 students)